Animal Portraiture in Bristol


Nov, 2018

Animal Portraiture in Bristol

Rob Hefferan, horse

Animal Portraiture in BristolIf you haven’t seen artist Rob Hefferan’s collection of animal portraiture in Bristol you are in for a moving experience. His Equine collection and Wildlife collection capture the animals in action with all their easy muscular grace. Animals at rest leave no question about their confidence should they need to move. Their body language makes it clear; there is no contest so go away. You will feel humbled by the portraits of animal families and maybe even question your own belief in your superiority. The moment you make eye contact you’ll see we have the common denominator of family. Few animal portraiture artists are gifted with the ability to capture the same emotions of rage, love, caring and mellowness in the animals that we humans experience.

If Rob Hefferan can capture the essence of the wild animals in his collections imagine what he can do with the tamer species. It would be highly appropriate if in Bristol, animal portraiture is commissioned of an animal in your life or in that of a loved one who fills a void. Companion animals are a lifeline for many, especially children, dealing with health issues. Service animals that make it possible for some to enjoy independence are family members of great value. The canine partner of a first responder, law enforcement member or military service personnel is honoured by his human partner. If your family adopted an animal that lives at the zoo it would be nice to have a portrait of that elephant or giraffe in your home.

So go ahead and commission your animal portraiture in Bristol with the artist who sees into their soul. A portrait of a beloved animal created by Rob Hefferan would be a welcome gift, treasured for a lifetime. In our most honest of hearts, the animals who share our life are often more important to our happiness and contentment than the people. Make someone happy and call Ron Heffernan to discuss an animal portrait for someone special to you. You want an artist that can capture the unique characteristics of your West Highland Terrier because they really don’t all look alike when you get to know them. Neither do elephants, horses or chimps.