Portrait Commission in Bolton


Mar, 2017

Portrait Commission in Bolton

portrait commission in BoltonWhen a photograph just isn’t enough, consider a portrait commission in Bolton. Whether you want to give it as a gift to commemorate a special occasion, a tribute to a beloved, or a memorial to a loved one, a portrait is the perfect offering. Rob Hefferon can create a timeless masterpiece for you. You could also commission a portrait of yourself or family members to create something that can be passed on down the generations as a family heirloom. Portraits have been commissioned for centuries and many of the greatest artists of the world have created memorable portraits that adorn museum walls today. Though the meaning and vision of art have changed today, portraits still remain a symbol of artistic talent and skill.

For families in Bolton, portrait commission can be an exciting journey into the realm of creativity. Before you commission an artist, ensure that you have studied and loved enough of their work. This is a very personal choice and you need to take the time and effort to understand the artist’s expression and creativity. Every artist has their own unique style and depiction and you need to satisfy yourself that it matches with yours. Rob Hefferon is a uniquely talented portrait artist with the skill to capture the essence and personality of his subject. He works primarily in oils and acrylic. He uses colour, light and texture to create matchless, one-of-a-kind works, with live subjects. This captures the intensely personal nature of the subject, caught in that particular moment of time.

Once you have made your choice of artist, you need to get clarity on practical matters. Portrait commission in Bolton will certainly not be cheap when you select the right artist. However, it need not break the bank either. This is a once in a lifetime experience. You certainly don’t want a rough and ready copy from a photograph. Then you may as well do it on a computer. Contact Rob Hefferon for a portrait commission. Portrait painting is one of the highest forms of creation. It’s a huge responsibility as both the painting and the subject will be judged by future generations to come.