Acrylic Portrait in Nottingham


May, 2017

Acrylic Portrait in Nottingham

Acrylic Portrait in NottinghamAn acrylic portrait in Nottingham is the perfect way to capture the image and essence of a person in a stunning artistic rendition. Nothing says stately and elegant like a larger than life portrait behind an office desk or in the hallway. There are many styles of portraiture that have grown in popularity over the centuries. Most people are familiar with the stiff, formal portraits of the past, where noblemen and their wives gazed demurely into the distance. As time went on, these portraits became more relaxed, with more comfortable poses and casual clothing. Full figures were painted instead of just the head and shoulders, and movement and activity became popular as well as the standard seated poses.

Whatever type of image you want to capture in Nottingham, acrylic portrait master Rob Hefferan can paint it in an arrestingly beautiful painting. With all the realism of a photograph, but without the flatness and lack of personality, Rob Hefferan’s paintings accurately capture the essence and personality of the scene. A photograph is all he needs to work from to create his masterful portraits, eliminating the need for hours of sitting still while you are painted. This is especially ideal for portraits of restless young children and the elderly or surprise portraits as a gift. Capture your most cherished memories in a unique way with a commissioned portrait of friends and family. Make your house a home with a large family portrait for the hallway, or an artistic mosaic of individual portraits of all your favourite faces. Portraiture is a great way to immortalise all the important special occasions, like weddings, births, birthdays, and anniversaries. Nothing says “I love you” more than a unique painting of a happy couple or family.

An acrylic portrait in Nottingham by Rob Hefferan will warm the heart and brighten the room with its vibrant colour and light. Rob is a connoisseur of creativity, always exploring creative themes and boundaries to create arresting, stunning portraits. Each portrait is a breath-taking rendition of the subject, bringing to light their personality and beauty in a completely unique way. Contact Rob Hefferan to commission your acrylic portrait today.