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Automotive Art in Birmingham: Indulge Your Passion for Automobiles

Celebrate your passion for automobiles with amazing automotive art in Birmingham by Rob Hefferan. Read more

Car Portraits in Brighton: Not Just for Car Aficionados

Beautiful girl by car putting on lipstick

Car portraits in Brighton are not just for automotive aficionados. Read more

Automotive Art in Bristol: Capture Your Love of Automobiles on Canvas

Rob Hefferan Portrait Artist

Automotive art in Bristol captures a design and brings it to life. Read more

Car Portraits in Manchester, a Great Choice of Gift for a Special Someone

Car portraits in Manchester are not an unusual request. Read more

Bridgitt Reuver Artist | Automotive Art | Rob Hefferan

Rob Hefferan Portrait Artist

If you want to have some fun with art, watch Bridgitt Reuver, Artist, create one of her popular pieces of car art at a nearby automotive event like Concours d’Elegance. Read more

Ian Guy Artist | Automotive Art | Rob Hefferan

If you’ve never thought of art as fun then you’ve never seen the works of Ian Guy, Artist. Read more

Tanja Stadnic Artist | Automotive Art | Rob Hefferan

Tanja Stadnic, Artist can make someone you might know very happy. Read more

Choose Automotive Art for a Stunning and Perfect Gift for a Loved One

Automotive art, seen in stunning hand-painted automotive portraits is an excellent way of capturing the beauty of a classic car enthusiast’s pride and joy. Read more

Fabian Perez Artist | Rob Hefferan

ballet dancer

Fabian Perez, artist believes that the purpose of art is to perpetuate beauty. Read more

Commission a Portrait in Bath for the Perfect Birthday Gift for a Loved One

Rob Hefferan

The most important factor to consider when you commission a portrait in Bath is the artist you will hire. Read more