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Commission a Portrait in Manchester

Commission a portrait in Manchester with Rob Hefferan is like capturing a jewel in Neverland and finding it gripped tightly in your hand when you wake up. Read more

Portrait Painter in Leeds

Commission a master portrait painter in Leeds to create a likeness of your loved ones. Read more

Family Portrait in Cardiff

rob hefferan,portrait,painting

A family portrait in Cardiff is intimate and personal. Read more

Commission a Portrait in Brighton

rob hefferan,portrait,painting

There are five simple steps to commission a portrait in Brighton. Read more

Portrait Artists in York

If you’re looking for portrait artists in York, Rob Hefferan is a gifted artist with the special talent essential to portrait artists. Read more

Life-like Equestrian Paintings in Brighton

horse,painting,rob hefferan

Rob Hefferan is one of the few artists that can truly bring equestrian paintings in Brighton to life. Read more

Equestrian Portraits in Leeds

If you own a horse you will love the equestrian portraits in Leeds, especially if they are of your horse or pony. Read more

Equestrian Paintings in Ascot

Get superb equestrian paintings in Ascot from a brilliant artist who’s passionate about his subjects. Read more

Equestrian Portraits in Newmarket

horse,painting,rob hefferan

Have you seen Rob Hefferan’s equestrian portraits in Newmarket? Read more

Equestrian Paintings in Wetherby

horse,painting,rob hefferan

Girls love their horses which is why equestrian paintings in Wetherby by Rob Hefferan is a thoughtful gift. Read more