Commission a Portrait in Warrington


Apr, 2017

Commission a Portrait in Warrington

Commission a Portrait in WarringtonCommission a portrait in Warrington for the ideal wedding gift. A photograph is so generic, but we love having photos around to remind us of special moments. Why not combine the best of both by having your favourite photograph transformed into a beautiful work of art? This way you have all the benefits of a photograph but with a unique and attractive artistic element. Rob Hefferan creates breathtakingly realistic portraits in acrylic and oil paints. The intricate details, vibrant colours and complex compositions combine into a unique style that he has developed over many years.

If you have a special someone who has recently gotten engaged or married in Warrington, commission a portrait as a perfect gift to celebrate this special life event. Nothing could be more sincere and appreciated than a unique portrait of the happy couple beautifully painted. The best part about it is that Rob Hefferan does not need the couple to sit for the portrait; simply bring him a photograph to work from and let him create a stunning masterpiece. This way you can maintain the element of surprise to add to the gifting experience. Just imagine the couple’s joy when the unwrap it! Rob has a unique talent to capture the personality and essence of the subject and create a radiantly beautiful scene in his portraits. Looking at his paintings, the viewer is captivated and it feels as if you could physically step into the world within the frame and join the painted subjects.

When you commission a portrait in Warrington from Rob Hefferan, the framing, packaging and delivery is included in the cost. His commission prices begin at £995 for a well-sized but modest portrait, which is a highly competitive price. When you see examples of his previous works, you will want to commission a portrait for every loved one and special occasion! A Rob Hefferan portrait will look elegant and attractive hanging above the mantelpiece, in the hallway or anywhere in the home where it will attract admiration and make a statement. Contact Rob Hefferan today to commission a portrait that captures the most important and beloved memories that can be cherished forever.