Romantic Portrait Art in London


Nov, 2018

Romantic Portrait Art in London

Rob Hefferan, portrait

Romantic Portrait Art in LondonRomantic portrait art in London is a wonderful alternative to photographs. As much as pictures capture the moment, portrait paintings have a way of giving it a new perspective, and highlight details that may have been missed altogether. Just as in photography, it is possible to discuss what background you prefer for the painting, and Rob Hefferan will help make your vision a reality. The portrait painting will add character to the home and will always spark conversation. With his expert skills translated onto the canvas, it’ll be impossible to not do so. One of the main advantages is that the portrait will last over many years, giving you an opportunity to pass it down generations if you so wish. This is unlike photographs, which can easily succumb to fading over time, thereby losing details here and there.

Rob Hefferan’s work has been described as “both eminently understandable and intensely familiar”. In London, romantic portrait art by Rob is sure to capture the personality of the subjects with a unique appreciation to the being that illuminates from within. Just as the world is ever changing, so are his techniques. Rod isn’t afraid to experiment with moods, themes and styles as he is always looking to challenge our perception and his technique, as well as inspire us to see beyond our learned references. Whether it’s a portrait conjured by the use of chalks or acrylics, his work will spark something new in our senses, and enable us to appreciate the physical being just as he does. From the sensitive nature of the skin and its tone to the complex interaction of the muscles, tissues and bones, Rob ensures to draw us into his world and enables us to see what he does when he paints a subject.

If you wish to have a romantic portrait art in London, you can’t go wrong with Rob Hefferan. Contact him today and find out how you too can be in possession of one of his masterpieces, with you or someone you love as the subject. You’ll be sure to love having his work in your space.