Equestrian Art in Brighton


Oct, 2018

Equestrian Art in Brighton

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Equestrian Art in BrightonIf you adore horses you will love the equestrian art in Brighton especially if they are of your horse or pony. Rob has a stunning collection of horse portraits which bring out the lustre of the eye and the shine on the coat. These beautiful portraits show the skill of an artist who understands the power and nobility of the equine species. They are so lifelike that you can almost hear them neigh. Rob also has a collection depicting various wild animals such as tigers, lions and leopards among others. These have to rate as some of the very best wildlife portraits ever. The paintings are crisp and clear and every hair on the animal’s body can be seen.

Horses are not pets but companions and can be some of the best loved animal friends. In Brighton, equestrian art will leave you breathless. Look at some of other collections like the beautiful family portraits and wedding portraits. These can be a lifelong gift for a loved one combining all the memories and emotions of that particular time in their life. He also offers the “Stay Wild” collection which is contemporary true to life but colourful. These will be a talking point in any home. Looking at many of his paintings you get the feeling that he is a true romantic. Rob is one of our truly talented artists in the UK and is gaining worldwide recognision.

Rob paints the most exquisite equestrian art in Brighton. Contact Rob Hefferan today and arrange for a painting to be done of your special animal. Rob works in a number of materials including chalk pastels, oils and acrylics. He has a well deserved reputation as one of the finest contemporary realists of his generation. Through his extraordinary talent he is able to capture the essence and character of all his subjects and not only their physical form. He loves the outdoors and now lives in a beautiful unspoiled environment. He honed and nourished his love of art during holidays in Cornwall as a young boy. He studied at Padgate Art School from 1985 to 1989 and gained a place at university in 1990.