Life-like Equestrian Paintings in Brighton


Feb, 2019

Life-like Equestrian Paintings in Brighton

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Equestrian Paintings in BrightonRob Hefferan is one of the few artists that can truly bring equestrian paintings in Brighton to life. His attention to detail makes every brush stroke breathe life into the very fabric of the painting. Rob is so passionate about his work that you can feel it when you look at a finished painting. The horses he paints appear to be caught between the canvas and the real world; rearing up to leap into the real world while despite being bound by the limitations of the canvas. Rob is a brave artist and is always experimenting with new materials and themes to push the boundaries, as a result, all his paintings are unique works of art.

Rob is one of the most talented artists in the region. If you love horses and don’t own one in Brighton, equestrian paintings would be a welcome addition to your house. Rob’s life-like representations of the equine species will leave you gazing at the painting for hours on end. Apart from horses, Rob is famed for capturing nature’s wild-side on canvas through his vivid painting if the big cats such as tigers, leopards and lions. Moreover, Rob’s skill is not limited to the animal kingdom. Rob has a collection of individual and family portraits as well as commissions of wedding portraits that are unmatched in the region.

Rob Hefferan is the only artist you need to seek out if you are looking for equestrian paintings in Brighton. His passion for the arts keeps him from making any low standard paintings. All his projects are stellar productions worthy to be hung in the finest exhibition halls in the country. Rob takes his time to understand his clients’ desires before he begins painting. Unlike photography, paintings don’t have retakes and require a great deal of time to complete. Contact Rob Hefferan today and begin talks about commissioning a painting. It may take a while to get the job done but the waiting is part of the value system of painting. Like quality wine, the longer the wait, the better the flavour.