Portrait Artists in York


Mar, 2019

Portrait Artists in York

Portrait Artists in YorkIf you’re looking for portrait artists in York, Rob Hefferan is a gifted artist with the special talent essential to portrait artists. Capturing a landscape at sunset or ripple in a creek certainly demands talent. A portrait asks the artist to capture the physical features and fill them with the essence of the individual. Without the spirit the portrait is lifeless and flat so, not all painters are portrait artists. If you want a portrait artist to simply make you look flawless, that can be done by many. Rob Hefferan will paint a portrait of you looking like you. A portrait becomes an heirloom with which all family members will connect. It will be displayed in one family home or another but the memories it evokes belongs to the viewer. Rob Hefferan portraits are of real people.

A portrait does not have to live up to the formality the work implies. It’s beautiful when in York, portrait artists capture their subject in elegant attire but it is optional. The old photos of grandparents working in their bakery or the one of Pop with his beloved antique car puts the face in a time and place. Rob Hefferan can do that with his portraits. Of course a portrait can be a reminder of a special life event such as a wedding, new birth or sweet sixteen. Capturing  another on canvas is a long term commitment and the hundreds of hours required can put large portraits outside the budget of some. However, your family will forever treasure a portrait regardless of size. It’s often easier to display the smaller size in the average sized room.

Not all portrait artists in York include animal portraits in their offerings. Rob Hefferan does and if you want to see his gift for animal portraits, look through his Equestrian and Wildlife Collections. Portraits are great gifts so consider a “for your eyes only” portrait as a gift for someone special in your life. You can get a few ideas by checking Rob’s  Desire Collection. Contact Rob Hefferan and schedule a consultation to discuss a portrait commission either of yourself or someone dear to you. As a rising star, Rob Hefferan is an artist whose works are proven collectable. Your investment will bring great personal joy with lasting value.