Commission a Portrait in Brighton


Mar, 2019

Commission a Portrait in Brighton

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Commission a Portrait in BrightonThere are five simple steps to commission a portrait in Brighton. When you meet with Rob Hefferan, he will discuss all the practical details involved in your portrait. The first is the subject. Who will be in the portrait? Will this be a portrait of yourself, your family members, or perhaps your pet?  The second point is the size of your portrait. The size of the canvas is what will be quoted in the price. You should provide an allowance of at least 10cm for the frame size. Next, Rob Hefferan will ask you which medium you prefer such as pencil, pastel, oil, or a combination thereof. The last two points for discussion are the completion date and budget. It is recommended you give the artist sufficient time to complete your commission. Avoid last minute requests! The budget is what defines many artists. Rob Hefferan will work within your allotted budget to ensure you’re completely satisfied with your commissioned portrait. Other considerations that may be taken into account include where the sittings will happen and what type of attire will be worn.

For those in Brighton, commission a portrait from Rob Hefferan and enjoy the beauty of your portrait.  He is a talented artist whose imagination knows no bounds. Through his portraits, Rob is able to capture the personality of his subjects with brutal honesty and integrity. A native of Warrington, Cheshire, Rob Hefferan is a talented, artist in the figurative domain. Not only is he capable of capturing the warmth and character of his subjects but transcending them into a form that conveys their essence. The artist works mostly with acrylics and oils. Through these mediums, he is capable of harmonising texture, light and colour to bring out the vibrancy of your portrait.

If you want to present your loved one with a special and memorable gift, commission a portrait in Brighton. Contact the artist directly for more information. Apart from portraits, he can also create bespoke paintings of various prints. When you commission an artist like Rob Hefferan, you’re engaging a visionary and talented artist!