Romantic Portrait Art in Nottingham


Sep, 2018

Romantic Portrait Art in Nottingham

Rob Hefferan, portrait

Romantic Portrait Art in NottinghamThere is nothing more idealistic and full of character than romantic portrait art in Nottingham. A photo can capture the likeness of a person but not their character whereas a painting can bring out the inner light. If you want a family heirloom to hand down the generations then a portrait of a beloved spouse is perfect. You can discuss the background and composition of the painting with Rob and he can best advise you on grouping and accessories that will show the family interests and different personalities. Wedding photos can also be turned into magnificent paintings so that your wedding day becomes a giant portrait of the day you looked simply stunning.

Photographs deteriorate over time and eventually become faded and worn. In Nottingham, romantic portrait art by Rob Hefferan, can ensure that this never happens. A painting using the materials that Rob works in will keep their colour for always. The artist has a sensitive capacity and innate flair which allows him to capture life as it is lived and to see beyond the mask that is presented to the world. The painting will bring out the soul of the subject and reveal the true person inside. If you have someone that you love and would like to encapsulate a particular moment in time then a romantic portrait is essential. A special occasion like a birthday or wedding is the perfect moment to freeze for all time.

You can have romantic portrait art in Nottingham in your home. It could be of someone close to you or just a beautiful romantic painting that you fall in love with. Contact Rob Hefferan today and make an appointment to discuss the picture you would like painted. He has a varied body of work that celebrates the joyous forms that people express. He manages to capture the unique spirit and character of the people he paints. This has earned him a reputation as one of the finest contemporary realists of his generation. He works with a number of different materials, namely, chalk pastels, oils or acrylics. This truly talented artist is becoming very popular and sort after as his style of painting is so very comfortable to live with.