Equestrian Portraits in Leeds


Sep, 2018

Equestrian Portraits in Leeds

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Equestrian Portraits in Leeds If you enjoy surrounding yourself with everything “horsey”, get top-quality equestrian portraits in Leeds from Rob Hefferan. Horses were a widely-used theme in historical art where they featured primarily as subjects in battle or in peacetime noble stances. Though they’re no longer used in battle today, horses remain a gorgeous subject for animal portrait artists throughout the world. They are depicted in horse-racing paintings where their power and speed are celebrated, or they may be depicted in pastoral scenes of serenity and grace. In America, horses are an inevitable part of portraits of Native American chiefs or cowboys. Nostalgic paintings of fox hunting set in the English countryside are also very popular. In fact, the history of horse portraiture goes back to more than 16,000 years. The cave paintings of Lascaux depict prehistoric horses both wild and domesticated. In Oxfordshire, the famous Uffington Horse is carved into a hillside and remains the oldest depiction of horses in England, dating back to the Iron Age.

For collectors in Leeds, equestrian portraits are prized by those who love and admire these magnificent, loyal animals. An equestrian portrait by Rob Hefferan is sure to become a timeless masterpiece that will be passed down the generations as a family heirloom. His diverse and varied body of work captures each subject with a meticulous eye for detail. What emerges is an insightful, compassionate and truly representational painting,  whether it’s that of a human being or an animal. Famous English artists like George Stubbs created the definitive anatomical drawings of horses that served future artists across the world. The most famous horse depiction in art is probably in Picasso’s Guernica which portrays a moving and powerful portrait of a horse in the throes of death agony.

For stunning equestrian portraits in Leeds, contact Rob Hefferan. His work seeks to eternally challenge the ordinary and mundane. Whether he works in pastels, oils or acrylics, he has the extraordinary gift of seeing beyond the superficial and reaching the core essence of his subjects. He uses colour, light, texture and technique to create a unique and amazingly creative work of art that can give the viewer hours of endless viewing pleasure.