Romantic Portrait Art in Nottingham


Jun, 2018

Romantic Portrait Art in Nottingham

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Romantic Portrait Art in NottinghamIf you love Romantic portrait art in Nottingham, why not get a commissioned portrait that pays tribute to a loved one? Portraiture currently enjoys a revival after a lull when photography was all the rage. When it first emerged, photography signaled the end of portrait painting. Commissioned portraits gave way to commissioned photographs. Many talented portrait artists lost their livelihood. Yet, the nicest gifts to give and receive remain exclusive portraits painted by a talented artist. Rob Hefferan is a talented, sensitive and innovative artist who creates unique and timeless portraits. It’s a wonderful gift to give your loved ones on a special occasion like a wedding, birthday or anniversary.

The Romantic movement developed in art and literature in the 18th century and carried on into the 19th throughout Britain and Europe. In Nottingham, Romantic portrait art emphasizes emotions, sensitivity and ideals and not just a practical, realistic and cold rendering of the subject. Romanticism celebrates the individual imagination and has changed the course of history by allowing people to explore their individual rights and freedoms. In portraiture, Romanticism involves evoking the subject’s moods, personality and psychological states. This is a huge departure from classical portraiture where a faithful rendering of the subject, their clothes, status, and historical importance were stressed.

Visual imagery is of prime importance in Romantic portrait art in Nottingham created by Rob Hefferan. Many famous Romantic artists emphasised colour and composition, use of expressive brushwork and adopted new materials and techniques. English Romantic artists focused on landscape painting. Many of the famous artists like Constable and Turner created unforgettable landscapes and seascapes, imbued with atmosphere and drama. Contact Rob Hefferan for more information. Rob Hefferon is a worthy inheritor of these traditions, while bringing his own unique style and expression to his work. He uses colour, light and texture to create highly expressive portraits. Working from live subjects, he captures their innermost being, while rendering them as caught in that particular moment in time. It is a once in a lifetime experience for the sitter and the one who commissions it and will go down as a notable event in your family’s personal history.