Erotic Portrait Art in Cardiff


May, 2018

Erotic Portrait Art in Cardiff

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Erotic Portrait Art in CardiffYou feel erotic portrait art in Cardiff is beautiful and emotional but you’ve never considered such art for your own. Maybe this is exactly the right time to give it some thought. Before you were married, you and your husband occupied a special secret world all your own. Communication was done with the eyes, body language, a toss of your head. Your meaning was always understood. Before you became a mum, you were a woman of interest and attitudes. You wore high heels. It’s okay because you love being a wife and mother but wouldn’t it be nice to pause from time to time and remind yourself that underneath, you’re still that same woman from those early days together when love was new? Artist Rob Hefferan can create a gorgeous reminder for you.

Rob Hefferan is gifted at capturing emotion, including sensuality and glamour, on canvas with just the right touch of class. In Cardiff, erotic portrait art is seen differently through individual eyes. The emotion is individual. How, you may ask, are you supposed to display an erotic portrait of yourself in your home where children live and in-laws visit? We suggest the master suite but an erotic portrait need not be hidden. The most erotic part of the portrait may be the eyes. As with all emotions, individuals express it through body language and facial expression. For your purposes you may want the face and eyes to tell the story along with a sophisticated backdrop.

If yours is a world of adults why not display erotic portrait art in Cardiff? It doesn’t have to be just a portrait of you. The erotic intensity is much greater with a partner to share the portrait. Portraits capture the essence of you that you allow to show. Your portrait could capture your warm and loving nature or a moment of pure joy. So too, your portrait can capture your erotic emotions according to however you define and express erotica. Contact Rob Hefferan to discuss your erotic portrait art in Cardiff. Study all his collections to understand the scope of his talent and insights. Find your own comfort level and make your own rules.