Equestrian Portraits in Leeds


Jun, 2018

Equestrian Portraits in Leeds

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Equestrian Portraits in LeedsWhether you ride horses or just love animals there is nothing quite like equestrian portraits in Leeds. Horses must be one of the most beautiful animals and they really come to life with character and elegance in a portrait. Flowing manes and tails and the sunlight on sleek and shiny coats can be breathtaking. The close relationship between rider and horse can be sensed in a painting where a photograph just does not do justice to the temperament and spirit of the glorious animal.  The artist needs to know not only the physical musculature of the animal but also the way the ears are held and what that denotes. Every horse has a different character and each portrait will show the most striking points that bring this to life.

Colour, light and texture all play a large role in the harmony of a stunning painting. In Leeds, equestrian portraits can be done for racehorses as well as hacks. Each animal is just as important to its owner and equally loved. Pride in a wonderful racehorse may prompt the owner to have a portrait painted to remember a special race won. The interaction of muscles, tissue and bone is most important and extremely impressive in a proud and noble animal like a thoroughbred. Only an exceptionally talented artist can render a true picture of not only physical but spiritual qualities in a creature of utmost beauty, loyalty and courage.

Not many portrait painter will paint equestrian portraits in Leeds as it takes an exceptional artist to become expert in both human and animal portraiture. Contact Rob Hefferan today and discuss your portrait requirements. He works in a number of material including chalk pastels, oils and acrylics. His ability and innate flair see him capture life as it is lived. His sensitive capacity to see into the soul of the sitter including animal sitters allows him to bring them to life. There must be understanding and true affection for his subjects in order to get the quality of painting that is his trademark.