Animal Portraiture in Manchester


Jul, 2018

Animal Portraiture in Manchester

Rob Hefferan, horse

Rob Hefferan, horseWhen Rob Hefferan paints animal portraiture in Manchester, his eye traces the unique rhythm of muscle in motion and his brush captures it on canvas. You need to see the equestrian and wildlife collection to understand. The horse is controlled, but you see the message in body language and eyes that the control is momentary. The cat’s muscles are lax and the eye droops sleepily but you’re not fooled. These collections, as with all Rob Hefferan works redefines portraiture. It’s so much more than a beloved likeness; the subject seems to have a secret and the painter knows what it is. It’s yours to find. Mother Nature has created the colours of animals and their habitat with a limitless pallet that this gifted artist is able to duplicate. The realism is so great, some might find it unnerving.

Those not comfortable having their own portrait over the mantle would be thrilled to hang a portrait of a fascinating lion or their own beloved pet. When searching for a special gift in Manchester, animal portraiture from the Rob Hefferan collection is an excellent choice that loved ones of all ages will appreciate and treasure. Disney characters adorn the walls of childrens room but why not give your child realism to contemplate? He or she will see how the stripes on the tiger are spaced, the shape of the eyes and the details of a paw and be amazed by the beauty. They will see how the brush strokes and colours build from flat to 3 dimensional and wonder at how much talent goes into recreating an ear. As a parent you will relate to the life sacrificing protection depicted in animal families.

Rob Hefferan animal portraiture in Manchester is available as original works of art or limited edition prints. Prints are limited to 25 publicly available. Contact Rob Hefferan and schedule an appointment to view the artwork of this talented portraiture artist. Your selection will be framed and signed by Rob Hefferan himself. A dedication can be arranged if you would like to pick up the art in person. This is an artist who is imminently collectable so not only will you have the privilege of owning fantastic art you will be making a wise investment.