Equestrian Portraits in London


Jul, 2018

Equestrian Portraits in London

Rob Hefferan, horse

Equestrian Portraits in London If you love horses in all their majestic beauty and grace, you can commission top quality equestrian portraits in London. Rob Hefferan’s Equestrian Collection celebrates the grandeur of this magnificent animal in all its glory. You can browse through the collection and commission a bespoke painting based on any of them. These paintings portray power, drama and heroism. They make a wonderful addition to your art collection and are a great investment too. The artist, Rob Hefferan is recognised as a highly talented, unique portrait artist who works on a diverse range of themes and subjects. Working primarily in oils and acrylic, he captures the true spirit and personality of his subjects, using light, colour and texture. These one-of-a-kind works capture the subject at significant or crucial moments, creating the drama and emotions that make for a great work of art. A Hefferan portrait is a timeless masterpiece that future generations would be delighted to inherit.

For those who appreciate art in London, equestrian portraits make a fabulous design statement in homes, offices, hotels, restaurants and other public places. Through the centuries, such portraits have played a very important part in history, culture and tradition. Portraits of powerful historical and political figures seated on horses have been used to show these people in war and peace, to depict their power and influence. Many famous artists have portrayed wild and domesticated horses in urban, countryside, rural and forest settings. Horses hold a special place in people’s minds and hearts, and they are steeped in symbolism, mythology and we have an age-old connection with them that goes back to the dawn of time. Many of our myths concerning the sun and stars have equine figures as the central theme. Mythical figures like unicorns, centaurs and the Greek flying horse Pegasus are deeply embedded in our consciousness.

If you’d like to commission an equestrian portrait in London, Rob Hefferan can provide exactly what you want. For a stunning equestrian portrait, contact Rob Hefferan.  Portrait painting is a fine art that combines a deep knowledge of psychology, sociology and culture with talent and craftsmanship. It is also a product of compassion, understanding and insight, when it portrays an animal subject.