Professional Portrait in London


Mar, 2018

Professional Portrait in London

girl in dress

Professional Portrait in LondonA professional portrait in London homes always gives the living area a personal touch. Having one in an office somewhat gives an illusion of authority. Wherever they may be, portraits have a way of evoking certain emotions that simple photographs with the same subject are unable to. Have you ever thought to yourself why portraits of nature emit a surreal mood to them? It is almost as if you have been transported into another world. Whatever the subject on the canvas, portraits in general make for a perfect gift to your loved one or for yourself as a personal keepsake. If you make the decision of having one, why not be the proud owner of one of Rob Hefferan’s pieces?

Imagine walking into a home and seeing in London, a professional portrait, done by Rob, majestically hanging on a wall. His work has been described as “eminently understandable and intensely familiar”. Whatever he captures will translate as being true to the subject’s nature. He transcends beyond what you see at eye level, helping you have a new understanding and appreciation. Using mainly acrylics and oils, Rob is able to help you recognise that slight touch of magic in a smile or draw your attention to a glimmer in the eyes. He uses the human body as its own inspiration, taking into account details such as skin structure. His passion for running adds on to this inspiration as it gives him a chance to connect with the environment around him and ultimately, the subject of his art piece.

When it comes to professional portraits in London, Rob Hefferan is a name you should always keep in mind. If you wish to upgrade your personal space by including one of his works, contact him today and schedule a consultation. Because of his ability to experiment with various themes and moods, every piece he works on is unique and portrays his expertise and style. Let him elevate your most treasured moment to a most priceless work of art.