Portrait Commissions in Cardiff


Feb, 2018

Portrait Commissions in Cardiff

painted portrait of a woman by rob hefferan

Portrait Commissions in CardiffLocal portrait commissions in Cardiff are being accepted by well known and respected contemporary artist Rob Hefferan. This is your chance to have a portrait painted and own a marvellously intimate piece of art by this gifted artist. If you can imagine a candid portrait, then you will understand how this artist brings life to his subjects. If your idea of a portrait is a posed head and shoulder shot, then come out of the past and into the world of this young artist. Rob Hefferan portraits have action, though somewhat subtle. The subject is not rigidly posed; on the contrary the subject often appears unaware they are being observed. Emotions are so beautifully captured but in some of his work you will be left wondering what the subject is really thinking.

Rob Hefferan portraits are primarily oil and acrylics but in his hands stunning light, colour and moods are created. His ability to capture joy, sensuality, innocence, defiance and vulnerability in Cardiff portrait commissions is uncanny. His ability to tune into the individuals mood at the moment and capture it forever is a true gift. Then, he creates extraordinary backdrops that accentuate the captured emotions. You really have to view his work for yourself but not just the portraits. View all of his collections and you will understand his talent is unlimited. You will always be glad to have Rob Hefferan art displayed in your home because it is intensely personal.

Family or personal portrait commissions in Cardiff by Rob Hefferan may be formal, elegant, candid, traditional or contemporary. However for pure fun and the most interesting thing in your home consider a portrait in the style of Rob’s new collection “Keep It Wild”. Young people will love the neon, day-glo effects. Anyone self-conscious about having their own portrait painted and hanging on their wall will rush to have their likeness captured in this innovative style. No one will accuse you of taking yourself too seriously. Whatever your style, contact Rob Hefferan and commission a portrait for yourself or as a special gift. He is one of our own and brilliantly captures real life being lived by real people.