Portrait Commissions in Cardiff


May, 2017

Portrait Commissions in Cardiff

Portrait Commissions in CardiffFor stunning portrait commissions in Cardiff, Rob Hefferan is the artist to call. Hefferan creates intricately beautiful lifelike portraits for all occasions. Whether you want a portrait to celebrate a recent life event like a birthday or anniversary or simply want an individual or family portrait to decorate your home in sophistication and style, his portraits will capture the moment perfectly. The intimate realism of Hefferan’s portraits will make you look twice to confirm that it isn’t simply a photograph. A painted portrait has so much more to offer than a photo when it is masterfully painted. A painter’s brushstrokes can imbue a deeper sense of light, shape and colour than any camera lens could ever achieve, and the result is a captivating portrait full of life and personality. Rob Hefferan’s portraits bring their subject to life and capture their very essence on the canvas.

If you are based in Cardiff, portrait commissions from Rob Hefferan can also be a perfect gift. You don’t have to worry about having the sitter travel to his studio and sit for hours to be painted; simply bring a favourite photograph of them for Rob to work from. This will also help retain the element of surprise so that you can take their breath away with the unexpected thoughtfulness of such a lovely gift. It will be sure to take centre place above the mantelpiece or in the foyer for all to enjoy and appreciate. Hefferan’s contemporary style and unique creativity have positioned him at the forefront of modern figurative art, making him a highly sought after portrait artist. His portraits combine creative artistic expression with amazing visual realism to create a truly unique, arresting image.

Portrait commissions in Cardiff don’t have to cost an arm and a leg when you go to Rob Hefferan. The price also includes professional framing and delivery to your door, making his portraits incredible value for money. Choose between oil or acrylic as a medium and specify the canvas size to ensure it perfectly matches your interior. Contact Rob Hefferan for portrait commissions that exceed all expectations. There is no better way to beautifully capture a person’s image.