Portrait Painter in London


Jun, 2017

Portrait Painter in London

Portrait Painter in LondonA portrait painter in London is a way to fix the perfect day in your memory. Your wedding day is probably the most exciting and wonderful day of your life. It is the day you look at your most beautiful and a professional portrait of you in all your wedding finery is a gift that will be forever treasured. There are also a number of other reasons for having a portrait painted. You may want your dearest children painted in a fun and delightful way. It is so difficult to get a perfect photograph which captures the complete character of a person but this is possible with a really good portrait painter.

When a photograph will just not do in London, a portrait painter will capture the essence of the sitter and be a permanent reminder of their beauty and elegance forever. A wonderfully successful business man may want his portrait painted for posterity as a leader of industry and his family may want a portrait of him as a loving family man. These are just a couple of sides to one person and the expert painter can bring both to life in a way that will capture the inner light and being of the man. Perfect backgrounds can add so much more to the picture and enhance the total pleasure of the portrait.

Portrait painter in London will create the perfect gift. Contact Rob Hefferan today and arrange the portrait of your dreams. This exceptionally talented artist will capture in oils and acrylics the living, breathing essence of the individual. His skills were practiced and honed from a young age by capturing the awesome presence of dinosaurs and wonderful seascapes of the Cornwall coast. He loves the outdoors and can see the beauty in nature that we often miss. He studied his craft at Padgate Art School and thrived in the stimulating environment. His exceptional versatility as a designer and illustrator have won him a number of prestigious contracts from high profile advertising campaigns to artwork in children’s books.