Portrait in Manchester


Feb, 2018

Portrait in Manchester

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Portrait in ManchesterWith the gift of an exclusive portrait in Manchester, you can express your feelings for that special someone. Perhaps there is a special event or occasion on the anvil, or a milestone birthday coming up. You may wish to present a tribute in memory of a loved one, or gift your beloved with a unique gift. In such situations, photographs just aren’t enough. Portraits are timeless, classy and one-of-a-kind gifts that can be handed down generations and treasured as family heirlooms. Stately homes, castles and palaces are full of commissioned portraits of those who lived in them centuries ago. Today, we’re able to appreciate and understand their lifestyle, fashions and sense of beauty through viewing portraits painted by erstwhile masters.

Rob Hefferan is a brilliant portrait artist who celebrates the joyous and multifaceted forms and emotions that people express. In Manchester, portrait painters help to immortalise your loved ones and capture their unique personality and charm. However, as a client, you must first understand and appreciate their work, style and methods. Rob Hefferan works primarily in acrylics and oils, using color, light and texture to create amazing renderings of live subjects. This allows him to capture the essence of the subject, caught in that particular moment in time. In fact, most portrait painters take their commissions very seriously, as the final picture will be judged for quality and its subject by future generations. The artist also works with chalk pastels to create charming and whimsical creations.

Painters of portraits in Manchester like Rob Hefferan are privileged to be sensitive enough to see beyond the mask that most people don. He experiments with themes, moods and styles to craft a thought-provoking, sacred appreciation of the essential humanity present in all of us. When you are looking for a portrait painter, contact Rob Hefferan. Rob Hefferan balances the elements beautifully to create a keepsake piece of art that will delight you and your loved ones for years to come. Whether you want a realistic, classical portrait or you’d prefer a contemporary abstract, the artist’s talent can cover all these aspects. Select the artist whose work best represents the kind of portrait you want.