Professional Family Portrait in London


Jul, 2017

Professional Family Portrait in London

Professional Family Portrait in LondonHas your family considered commissioning a professional family portrait in London? You are probably thinking how difficult it is to get everyone together for a group photo. However would you get them to an art studio to sit for a portrait? Even if you could, imagine what that must cost? The good news is you don’t have to get them all together in an art studio. Because you don’t have to pay for that kind of time and effort, the other good news is your portrait will be affordable. As a local portrait artist, I can take a family photo and create an original portrait in oils or acrylics that will be treasured for generations. Today’s digital photography is sharp and clear so I can create your portrait from the photo as if you were sitting in front of me. It will be an original piece of art you will be proud to display.

My goal in family portraits is to capture the spark of familiarity among the subjects present when the family is together. There is a thread of continuity that only exists among family in your London professional family portrait. Family portraits, unlike those on the castle walls, should be lifelike, joyful and energetic. I would add real and natural to the list as well. Do you have a favourite historic setting meaningful to your family? Perhaps there is a London street scape, bridge or park setting you would like as a backdrop in your portrait. I can pull that all together so your family portrait backdrop will bring the people forward. Or we could use a stairway, fireplace or dining table as a natural backdrop setting. Those choices will be whatever you choose.

As a figurative artist I will create a professional family portrait in London that captures the real life demeanour of each subject. In each face, you will see the family resemblances and the differences that make each unique. My art, which captured my whole being as a child, has brought great success thanks to collectors and individuals that appreciate my particular style which is a contemporary figurative artist. You will find my joy within each family portrait. Call me direct and schedule your professional family portrait in London. View my previous works to discover what you may expect in your own portrait.