A Portrait Commission in Liverpool


Apr, 2017

A Portrait Commission in Liverpool

A Portrait Commission in LiverpoolWhy not surprise a loved one with an unusual gift by getting a portrait commission in Liverpool? A Rob Hefferman portrait is something they’ll cherish for a lifetime and can pass on as a fabulous family heirloom for generations to come. As a gifted and remarkably brilliant figurative artist, Rob Hefferan creates unique works of art that capture the essence and personality of the subject that transcends mere form or likeness. His preferred media are oils and acrylics and with these he can create magic that blends colour, texture, harmony and balance. The portrait of your loved one or even of yourself are infused with light and life, making it something that keeps the subject alive in the memory of all those who view the painting.

The process is simple and hassle-free. In Liverpool, a portrait commission begins with a visit to the sitter, where you  can discuss what exactly you expect. Rob can take photographs, or the subject can provide their own. Portraits are generally finished and framed in handmade frames of your choice and home delivered free of charge. If you’re thinking of gifting a portrait to a loved one on a special occasion, you could think of different themes. For instance, if it’s for a parent, you could focus on something that interests them, like gardening or sports. Siblings and children may like something that catches them in a characteristic mood – playful, or pensive.

Another great idea for a portrait commission in Liverpool is to capture the subject in traditional or ethnic attire. This gives a formal, ceremonious look and even confers a touch of royalty! For older people, a portrait done from a photograph taken in their youth, on their wedding day or during religious ceremonies can be a wonderful keepsake. If you’d like a family portrait that pictures all the people you love most, this is a great way to celebrate special events like weddings or anniversaries. Contact Rob Hefferan for more information about a portrait commission. Portraits also make wonderful and thoughtful Mother’s or Father’s Day gifts. After all, like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words!