Professional Portrait in Leeds


May, 2017

Professional Portrait in Leeds

Professional Portrait in LeedsIf you are looking for a special gift for a friend or loved one, consider a professional portrait in Leeds. I delight in capturing the essence of a person, to reflect his or her personality in the painting. One of the things an artist does is show the observer an aspect they may not have seen before; to show the subject in a unique but authentic way. My paintings are realistic and could be mistaken for a photograph for their likeness. The difference is I strive to encapsulate the life energy that animates my subjects.

For artwork in Leeds, professional portrait or my own originals, my work is displayed on my website. This gives you a sense of the work that I do and my style. When you commission a portrait the process I follow is a simple one. We will meet to discuss your portrait and what you are looking for. I will take photographs from which I will do the painting. You can supply your own photographs so, if the portrait is a surprise gift, I will not have to meet the recipient before hand. All of my paintings are finished in oil or acrylics. My style can be described as figurative realism and, as a modern artist, I like to explore boundaries and creative themes. My work can be found in private collections throughout the world. I also create prints, which are printed on canvas. I embellish these with paint and sign them, and they are all limited editions.

To have a professional portrait in Leeds is special. It gives you an exclusive artwork and it provides you with a picture where the subject is one that is close to your heart. A bridal portrait immortalises your special day, or a picture of your child captures the fleeting essence of childhood. Contact me today to discuss your portrait. We can arrange a suitable time to meet, after which I will begin. If the portrait is needed for a special occasion at a specific time, please remember to leave enough time for its completion.