Portrait Painting in Brighton


Jan, 2018

Portrait Painting in Brighton

Portrait Painting in BrightonA portrait painting in Brighton makes a spectacular surprise gift for the special people in your life. Did you receive a strikingly clear digital photograph of your newborn grandchild? Surprise the new parents with a professional portrait from that photo painted by Rob Hefferan. The warmth and personality of the baby is captured with such realism you may feel the urge to touch and feel the baby softness. These are precious moments that time steals from our memory but a portrait by Rob Hefferan will capture the moment so it stays with us for all time. Most first photographs of babies have a clinical background, but we don’t have to stay with that. We will suggest and decide upon a background that will complement the gentleness of the subject.

You don’t have to wait for a special event or occasion to commission a portrait by Rob Hefferan. In Brighton, portrait painting can recapture times past. You will bring joy to a couple by commemorating and bringing to new life a time past that holds special meaning. Look at your photos; is there a photo of a meaningful look passing between your parents or maybe one showing them as young lovers on the beach? You might treat yourself to a lifelike portrait of your whole family in various candid poses at the last family reunion. Who knows when that will ever happen again? As a professional portrait painter, Rob Hefferan will capture the essence of each individual.

The story of those moments will be told as he captures the venue, weather, food, pets and game equipment from that moment in time. Generations will be inspired to recreate the reunion in their own time. Contact Rob Hefferan and schedule a consultation to commission a professional portrait. Whether a gift to yourself or others, it will remain timeless. A portrait does not wear out or go out of style. There is always a place for it in homes where all who visit can enjoy a beautiful and personal work of art. A portrait becomes an instant heirloom with sentimental value far greater than monetary value. Choose Rob Hefferan for your portrait and enjoy the great talent of a contemporary artist highly regarded by his peers and fans.