Portrait Commissions in Manchester


Jan, 2018

Portrait Commissions in Manchester

Portrait Commissions in ManchesterDid you know that you can get portrait commissions in Manchester? A portrait commission starts with the brief, which does not necessarily have to be anything too official. It can be either a document or a discussion regarding the practical details of the portrait. This include who and what should be in the portrait, dimensions, medium (oil, pencil, and tempera), deadline, and the approximate budget. Other considerations that can come into account include the sitting locations and the clothes that should be worn.

For those interested in Manchester, portrait commissions can be an excellent gift for a loved one. But before you do commission a portrait, you have to choose the right artist. There is no good or bad way to do this, as it is mostly an instinctive process. You look through an artist’s body of work, and you know immediately if you like it or not. Once you’ve found your ideal artist, it’s good to set up a meeting. At this early stage, the artist can provide input which will help you better understand the creative process and to participate in it. These meeting is also considered non-committal for either of you.

The next step for portrait commissions in Manchester are the actual sittings. This stage varies from artists to artist, each requiring different lengths and numbers of sittings. If the portrait is from life, it can take up to ten two-hour sittings, and the sittings can take place in your home. You can cut this down to one or two sittings by using photography. It’s usually hard for an artist to work from photography alone, but it can be done in posthumous situations. The length of time it takes to complete the work varies hugely as well, and it can be anywhere from 3 to 6 months, pending other variables, such as your availability for sittings. If you are interested in portrait commissions, contact Rob Hefferan today and set up a meeting. You will be able to discuss your requirements and receive details regarding pricing and the process itself.