Portrait Commission in Manchester


Mar, 2017

Portrait Commission in Manchester

Portrait Commission in ManchesterHave you considered a portrait commission in Manchester as the perfect birthday or wedding gift? A portrait of the special person or couple is a lovely way to capture a loving memory or sentiment, and having it painted instead of photographed adds a unique and tasteful touch. A portrait is guaranteed to warm the heart and be hung centre stage in the home. Speak to Rob Hefferon to commission a portrait for your loved one or as a treat for yourself. All that is required is a photograph to work from; this makes giving the portrait as a gift so much easier, as the recipient can be totally surprised when they unwrap it.

Whether you are an art enthusiast or can’t tell Impressionism from Expressionism in Manchester, portrait commission by Rob Hefferan delivers stunning, stylishly artist results. Rob draws inspiration from the Pre-Raphaelite art movement to create a unique contemporary style that explores creative themes and boundaries. Artistic expression is combined with visual realism in a beautiful, arresting interpretation of his subject. Rob will discuss all the details of the commission with you, and you can request that the background be altered or have colours, textures or effects included as you wish. You can commission a portrait in any size, in oil or acrylic. Professional framing and delivery is also included in the price.

A Rob Hefferan portrait commission in Manchester is worth every penny. It will be a lasting image that can be appreciated for its aesthetic value as well as its celebration and love of the subject. Contact Rob Hefferan for a portrait commission today. A portrait is an ideal way to capture an important event or occasion, such as weddings, birthdays, comings-of-age, pregnancy and birth announcements, and so much more. You could even bring a photograph of a beloved relative who has passed on and immortalise their image in a beautiful portrait. Let Rob Hefferon create a stunning portrait of you or your loved one to be enjoyed as an incredible piece of art and tribute to the subject.