Portrait Painter in Cardiff


Nov, 2017

Portrait Painter in Cardiff

Portrait Painter in CardiffAre you searching for a portrait painter in Cardiff? A portrait painting is the perfect gift to present your spouse, family member or even close friend. It serves as a permanent keepsake; one that will last for many generations! Portraits are reminders of who we are. They are also sentimental gifts because they remind us of the person who gave it to us in the first place. When it comes to choosing the type of portrait, there are two options: oil and acrylic. These are points you will need to discuss with your chosen painter. Whomever you might choose, ensure he or she is experienced in this art form as this will get you the result you desire. In addition, have a look at their previously completed works. Only if you’re truly convinced by what you see, proceed forward.

For those living in Cardiff, a portrait painter with the skill and talent to create a masterpiece to choose is Rob Hefferan.  I am a talented figurative artist with a portfolio that expands many decades. My body of work is a true celebration of multifaceted nature of the human form. My goal in each portrait is to capture the unique and boundless spirit that lies within each individual. This is often expressed through the subject’s eyes, smile and expression. As one of the most recognised contemporary realists of my generation, I will create a portrait for you that will leave your loved one speechless! Apart from creating portraits, I also specialise in creating original art works and prints. These are also available for purchase. All my work is professionally framed and comes equips with a certificate of authenticity.

If you are searching for a unique and memorable gift to present your loved one, get in touch with a portrait painter in Cardiff. Contact Rob Hefferan today to commission him for the most important gift you can ever present. The recipient of your special gift will cherish this portrait for many years to come!