Equestrian Portraits in Newmarket


Jan, 2019

Equestrian Portraits in Newmarket

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Equestrian Portraits in NewmarketHave you seen Rob Hefferan’s equestrian portraits in Newmarket? If you haven’t, and you love horses, let us tell you that they are a revelation! Horses are elegant animals, and Rob Hefferan captures their spirit, beauty and grandeur. The artist clearly depicts lifelike horses, and you’ll see  minute detail when you pay close attention to the portraits. If you are interested to get an equestrian portrait done, whether for your own personal use or to gift someone, there’s no better artist than Rob Hefferan. Rob’s work has the ability to make each portrait come to life, so much so, that you could practically see the horse galloping out of the canvas!

Rob Hefferen’s work is considered at the forefront of the contemporary figurative art. In Newmarket, his equestrian portraits are often sought after by collectors as well. If you are looking to acquire a portrait, he will be quite pleased to have a talk with you. And if you are looking to have one commissioned, we can assure you that you won’t be disappointed with his work. Every painting at his first exhibition were sold out, and his work remain in demand and sold to private individuals and collectors. Each one of his painting can take up to 150 hours to complete, and he paints from real life and photo shoots which he directs himself. So, if you are looking for a beautiful, life-inspiring portrait of a horse, make sure to get in touch with Rob Hefferan to discuss the details.

The true essence of the art can be seen in each brushstroke, and the equestrian portraits in Newmarket are stunning. Contact Rob Hefferan directly and discuss an equestrian portrait for you or to give as a beautiful gift. An equestrian portrait can be the perfect birthday or congratulatory gift for a young, up and coming rider, or for someone who just loves horses. One of Rob’s portraits will add a look of class to any room. An equestrian portrait by Rob Hefferan is an investment, not only in the gift of giving, but in a work of art.