Portrait in Brighton


Oct, 2017

Portrait in Brighton

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Portrait in BrightonSome may wish for a portrait in Brighton of themselves or someone dear to them. Many would not know how to choose well when searching out a portrait painter. The qualities that make a portrait painter stand out have been described in flowery and complex terms. At Rob Hefferan studios we do not even try to describe the magic that takes place when Rob Hefferan, portrait artist, translates the essence of the subject to canvas. The realism is so overpowering maybe a good way to describe the difference is this; other artists paint striking likenesses onto canvas; Rob Hefferan captures the soul and personality that emanates from within. He presents a visual for what is otherwise only emotionally felt.

Rob Hefferan recognised his gift early in life and let nothing, like school, deter him from his passion. There may be in Brighton, future portrait artists like Hefferan who feel no kinship in traditional schools. His impatience with academics as a young boy was relieved when in his late teens he enrolled at Padgate Art School. He joined others like himself and received the emotional support and educational environment he craved for so long. Here, he learned to transfer his visual impressions to canvas. His great gift of touching the spot of an individual spirit and shining a light on it explains why this is the artist you want for your portrait. This is the artist you want to capture the uncertainty and joy of a bride on her wedding day.

A portrait in Brighton by Rob Hefferan brings great joy to the one in possession of it and maybe envy to those who see it. The subject of the portrait usually feels humbled when they realise the artist understood the particular emotion expressed. For those who come after, the portrait will be a treasured heirloom. Contact Rob Hefferan when you want to capture forever the unaffected joy of your grandchildren playing or the love in your groom’s eyes. While you still share the earth, capture the wisdom of your grandparents or parents to encourage you and the generations after you. Make an appointment with Ron and view his work first-hand. Let him explain how he assembles the components of a portrait in his mind. You will know the portrait you commission will be the one you dream of.