Portrait Commissions in Bristol


Oct, 2017

Portrait Commissions in Bristol

Portrait Commissions in BristolPortrait commissions in Bristol offer a totally unique twist to your usual portrait photographs. A painter can capture your likeness in an artistic way that even the most exciting camera filters or digital effects cannot compete with. A portrait painted by an artist will be unique, and that distinction will make it stand out as a masterpiece. You may have hundreds of ‘selfies’ stored on your phone, but a painted portrait is one of a kind.

If you want something more sophisticated and stylish to display on your wall in Bristol, portrait commissions are your answer. Is there a particular selfie or photograph of yourself that you think truly shows off your best side? You can give this image to Rob Hefferan, renowned portrait artist, to transform into a unique painted masterpiece. Rob’s contemporary style and creativity have set him at the forefront of modern art. His portraits combine creative artistic expression with amazing visual realism to create a truly breath-taking image. He will paint a portrait of you that has all the realism of a photograph but also the distinctive brushstrokes of a painting. Portraits are a great way to stylishly and elegantly capture your beauty in a lasting image, and are also a fantastic solution for family portraits, anniversary gifts, birthday gifts and so much more. Whether it is a large sweeping canvas of the whole family to display in the living room or a smaller painting of a loved one for the bedroom or above the mantelpiece, Rob Hefferan’s paintbrush will ensure that it is a tasteful and beloved addition to any wall.

If you choose Rob Hefferan for portrait commissions in Bristol, you are sure to have your expectations exceeded. Contact Rob Hefferan for portrait commissions that are as unique as you are. The price you pay also includes professional framing and delivery, making this service exceptionally good value for money. Display your best side in style with a Rob Hefferan portrait today.