Acrylic Portrait Painter in Bath


Sep, 2017

Acrylic Portrait Painter in Bath

Acrylic Portrait Painter in BathLook for an acrylic portrait painter in Bath who produces stunning lifelike portrait images so lifelike you expect the subject to speak out loud. Still, they unmistakably speak through a look in the eyes, subtle body language or the set of the lips. His backgrounds create a powerful vehicle that projects the subject to the centre of attention. While the backgrounds are sometimes elaborate, you never lose site of the subject. The artist paints emotion like others paint objects.  Some portrait artists produce the equivalent of still life. The subject lacks animation and looks flat, formal and boring. Rob Hefferan does not see a pear when he looks at a person. He sees life, captures a moment and reproduces it.

You should have fine paintings mounted on the walls of your home meaningful to you. For many in Bath, acrylic portrait painter Rob Hefferan does just that with portraits of their loved ones. He catches the moments where love, joy, and melancholy shine through so they are treasured forever. You may be a little uncomfortable if you have never commissioned a portrait before. Rob Hefferan will put you at ease. You may not know what you’re doing but he does and you will be more than pleased with the result. Artist Heffernan offers portraits in acrylic for the bold, modern look. The finish is smooth and shines. Texture is created with acrylic easily because it drys fast. Time is easier on acrylic than on oil paint. There’s less cracking and fading with time.

When you choose Rob Hefferan for your acrylic portrait painter in Bath, you will be amazed at his artistic capabilities. Make an appointment for a consultation and meet the man yourself. You will view his work, discuss expectations and costs. His work is highly collectable so if your commission is approved consider the portrait an investment. If the old masters leave you yawning then make the call and meet one of the contemporary artists making a splash on today’s art scene. Contact Rob Hefferan if you are looking for an acrylic portrait painter. He will not only capture you in acrylic but this modern era you live in and even a look to the future. Commission a portrait for yourself or a loved one and enjoy the benefits of having authentic fine art displayed in your home