Looking for a Portrait Painter in Edinburgh


Sep, 2017

Looking for a Portrait Painter in Edinburgh

Looking for a Portrait Painter in EdinburghWhen you want to present your loved one with something special, perhaps looking for a portrait painter in Edinburgh is the right thing to do.In today’s era of the instant-gratification selfie, pictures and photographs have become all too common. The timeless appeal of an exquisitely rendered portrait is something that will last for generations and capture your loved one in the most unique way possible. Rob Hefferan is a gifted figurative artist whose talent brings forth the essence of his subjects and captures their personality in the most memorable way. He works primarily in oils and acrylics and his paintings are filled with colour, texture, light and atmosphere. He balances the elements in the most optimal way to create an exclusive and one-of-a-kind work of art that you’ll treasure for years to come.

Commissioning a portrait painting is something that many of us would probably only do once or twice in a lifetime. In Edinburgh looking for a portrait painter becomes a challenging task, because you need to find the right one. Portraits often become family heirlooms that pass down the generations and hence, they need to be executed by a skilled and talented artist. Often, people select an artist because they have seen one of the works in a friend’s place. However, you have to look at an artist’s body of work and understand whether the style is suited to the subject you have in mind. Some people would like a realistic portrait, while others may want a more abstract one.

While looking for a portrait painter in Edingburgh, you need to have a detailed discussion on budgets too. Discuss with a few short-listed artists before you select one that suits you. Some artists prefer to draw from life, so if you’re planning the portrait as a surprise gift, this wouldn’t work. Select an artist with extensive experience in the type of portrait you want. If you want a particular style – classical or modern, you can discuss this point with the artist and get clarity on what the end product will look like. Contact Rob Hefferan for more information. He will provide a portrait that will be the special gift for your loved one.