Equestrian Paintings in Wetherby


Dec, 2018

Equestrian Paintings in Wetherby

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Equestrian Paintings in WetherbyGirls love their horses which is why equestrian paintings in Wetherby by Rob Hefferan is a thoughtful gift. And while it’s a most appreciated gift at 13 or 16 the portrait will still be appreciated and eventually treasured as the girl becomes and woman. When living the life of an adult grows weary she can view the portrait of her once best friend and relive the freedom of flying together. It’s enough to lift the mood and bring a smile. An equestrian portrait documents a important time in her lift. This may be the only horse she ever owned and loved before moving on to higher education and boys. Or, it may be the first of several. Either way, this horse or pony will always be special. So why not capture the memories in a work of art so they can last forever?

Rob Hefferan is a gifted portraiture and figurative artist which you will see in his collection of equestrian paintings. You don’t just see a horse in Wetherby equestrian paintings you see the horse. Rob captures the essence that separates this horse from all other horses. The demeanour, be it subdued, gentle or high strung is clearly captured in the body language, the tilt of the head, and the look in the eye. The form is there with strong muscles glistening atop long delicate legs such as you might see in thousands of horses. Line them up and when Rob Hefferan paints them, you will know which one is yours. If your horse is a champion, it shows and Rob can capture that. It’s amazing.

Rob Hefferan equestrian paintings in Wetherby may place just the right accent on your office or home decor. Some of his equestrian paintings depict vibrance and power, which, when hung on your office wall sends a sublime message to all who enter. Equestrian paintings by Rob Hefferan depict life in familiar and recognisable form. There is no guesswork; you can feel the heat. Call Rob Hefferan and schedule a consultation for an equestrian painting from his existing collection or a portrait of your own champion. As a special gift for yourself or others, it will bring joy and since Mr. Hefferans work is highly collectable, it’s also a nice investment.