Equestrian Paintings in Ascot


Jan, 2019

Equestrian Paintings in Ascot

Equestrian Paintings in AscotGet superb equestrian paintings in Ascot from a brilliant artist who’s passionate about his subjects. In the heart of horse country, what better subject to choose than this graceful, powerful and majestic animal? Rob Hefferan was born in Cheshire and works mainly in media like oils and acrylics. His forte is figurative art, where viewers can feel an instant connection with his work. His use of colour, light and texture are what makes his work immediately recognisable. Currently based in Lancashire, Rob is devoted to nature and the wide open spaces of this rural landscape. He found his niche at art school in Padgate where he discovered his own sense of expression and learned how to channelise it. Today, his works are sought after by world-famous collectors and galleries, where his paintings are prized as great works of contemporary figurative art.

It is noted that, in Ascot, equestrian paintings have a long and dazzling history. There’s no better setting than this location, steeped as it is in equine sports and generations of families who live and breathe horses and racing. In fact, equestrian art has a history that’s more than 16,000 years old. The famous prehistoric cave paintings at Lascaux in France depict man’s relationship with the horse in great detail. Horses were an essential part of human life right up until the late 18th and 19th centuries. When the automobile took their place as a means of transportation, the horse became relegated to sports and racing. The legends of the American West have inspired many famous equestrian paintings too. Horses featured in rural scenes, as work-horses, in hunting party portraits, and war memorials, in both sculpture and painting. Famous artists like George Stubbs in the 18th century were called the “horse painters.” Later, artists like Picasso used equine images to express their philosophy and values as in the famous painting “Guernica.”

Today, Rob Hefferan’s works enable you to own equestrian paintings in Ascot that could become collectors’ items tomorrow. His portraits of horses in action, racing, running wild or playing polo provide an amazing sense of vital life and beauty. Contact the artist for more information. Choose a stunning equestrian painting to grace the walls of your home.