Equestrian Art in Manchester


Apr, 2018

Equestrian Art in Manchester

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Equestrian Art in ManchesterEquestrian art in Manchester by artist Rob Hefferan might also be called horse portraits. We love our companion animals and portraits of them are treasured. His passion to capture the horse in motion, even if it’s just a toss of the head, is clearly visible in the finished work. You will see the fire in the eye, the glistening coat, an attitude depicted by an ear cocked just so or the swish of the tail and toss of the mane. If you love horses these works painted by Rob Hefferan will bring great joy and tremendous pride of ownership as displayed in your home, office or place of business. The noble horse equestrian art will quiet the soul of the viewer. The realism is a testament to the artist’s love of his subject.

Men love their horses but women and girls are especially attached to them from a young age. It’s not a love they outgrow so if you are contemplating a gift in Manchester, equestrian art by Rob Hefferan would thrill your favourite horsewoman. Make it true equestrian art by commissioning a portrait with horse and rider. Maybe you have a favourite photo of your daughter; hair flying and exhibiting pure abandonment to the joy of riding her horse or pony through a field. Your favourite might be the moment the blue ribbon was pinned at her dressage event. Rob Hefferan can immortalise those moments on canvas. As long as she lives, one glance at that portrait will recall the youth and freedom of that moment. She will also remember who loved her enough to give it to her.

View Rob Hefferans’ collection of equestrian art in Manchester and imagine how the power and dignity expressed through the horses would complement your place of business. Those qualities found in the art will be yours by association when viewed by clients and peers. It’s a wonderful collection appreciated by animal lovers in general and equestrian enthusiasts in particular. Contact artist Rob Hefferan and schedule a consultation to commission your own personal equestrian art or choose your favourite from his collection. Meaningful art, gifted to others or to yourself, will endure for generations and bring joy to the lucky recipient.