Family Portrait in Nottingham


Apr, 2018

Family Portrait in Nottingham

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Family Portrait in NottinghamWhat nicer gift than a family portrait in Nottingham for your parents’ Pearl wedding anniversary? In today’s digital age, photograph are typically the most used method for recording images. An artwork remains a timeless and gracious gift. Choose a portrait artist who displays a great understanding of the subjects he paints. In this way, you will have a family portrait that captures each person’s character and uniqueness. A family portrait can be passed to the next generation, and will remain as beautifully and meaningful as the day it was created. Unlike photographs that tend to discolour or fade, a great work of art, when cared for, will last a lifetime.

For a special gift in Nottingham, a family portrait ranks high on the list of meaningful and exclusive. Speak to Rob Hefferan, and commission a family portrait. As a dedicated and passionate artist, he works predominately with oils and acrylics. He uses light, colour and texture to create works that resonate with vibrant life. His work captures the personality of each of the subjects he paints, with honesty and integrity. He also can recognise and appreciate the spirit embodied within the person he paints. For a truly unique and stunning family portrait for your parents, you can’t go wrong with using Rob Hefferan’s skill and expertise.

A family portrait in Nottingham by Rob Hefferan will be a unique and wonderful gift. All his paintings show his insight and how well he understands his subjects and how to capture the essence of them. If you are interested in commissioning a family portrait, be sure to contact Rob Hefferan directly. All new portrait commissions will benefit the NSPCC in that the entire fee will be donated to this children’s charity. Why not assist a very worthy cause, as well as have the beautiful gift created for your parents, and speak to Rob Hefferan about a stunning family portrait? A truly unique gift, a family portrait can also be passed on to future generations, immortalising the family it represents.