Quality Street

Quality Street

Rob was recently commissioned to produce 10 illustrations for Quality Streets 75th anniversary tin, Nestlé is celebrating 75 years of its revolutionary confectionery assortment Quality Street in the United Kingdom this year.

The Illustrations take a step in time, the traditional Quality Street branding featured two characters wearing old fashioned dress, known affectionately as Miss Sweetly and Major Quality. Rob has recreated these for the 75th anniversary in a variety of scenarios that follow the traditional values and ideals first created by the Mackintosh business in Halifax, northern England, in 1936.

When first introduced Quality Street changed the way confectionery was manufactured and sold.

The brand used ground-breaking technology such as the world’s first twist-wrapping machine to make chocolate affordable for working families.

It is now the world’s number one selling boxed chocolate assortment; exported to 70 countries including Canada, Denmark and France.