Commission a Portrait in Manchester


May, 2019

Commission a Portrait in Manchester

Commission a Portrait in ManchesterCommission a portrait in Manchester with Rob Hefferan is like capturing a jewel in Neverland and finding it gripped tightly in your hand when you wake up. It’s a gorgeous reminder that your fantasy came true; this day and this moment really happened. Rob’s portraits take it one step further because he creates a backdrop for your portrait creating perspective and reality. Full body portraits are incredibly realistic because Rob captures the most subtle of body language along with facial expression. It’s not like a quick snapshot but once completed, there is an authentic reality. This type of full body portraits only work because the form is worked into the background creating a complete thought.

We found that some clients had a mistaken idea of how Rob Hefferan creates his portraits. When you, in Manchester, commission a portrait, you will meet with the artist to discuss your ideas, budget, and time schedule, sitting schedule and clothing. Some who advertise portraits actually work from a photograph. Even the clearest and sharpest of photos is not going to capture what the artist’s eye can in person. A head and shoulders portrait has benefits because the artist has opportunity to focus on what the facial expression reveals. Such portraits can be intensely intimate revealing a complexity of emotions simultaneously. Yes, Rob Hefferan is that gifted.

When you commission a portrait in Manchester as a gift, keep in mind the timing. Portraits require time. You may be interested in a wedding or family portrait; a portrait of yourself or of a loved one. However, you may also commission a portrait of your beloved pet. You can choose the medium; oil, pastel, pencil, acrylics or a combination. Any size portrait is a treasure. Your budget may not allow for a large 18 X 20 wall portrait. Or maybe you just don’t want anything that large and prefer a smaller, even miniature portrait. Any size is jewel. Contact Rob Hefferan and schedule a consultation for a portrait for yourself, a loved one or as a gift. He will work with you on the details to your satisfaction.