Portrait Commissions in Nottingham


Aug, 2017

Portrait Commissions in Nottingham

Portrait Commissions in NottinghamThere is a huge demand for portrait commissions in Nottingham. And for good reason, a painted family portrait can last for generations, and in today’s world of instant digital photography, it can be a much more soulful way to capture a family moment. Portraits can also be commissioned for individuals. Commissioning the portrait of a loved one can be a special gift. Of course, it’s important to know whether your loved one is willing to sit for a portrait or not. If they’re not the patient type, you can send in a picture of your loved one instead, and the portrait will be just as moving (and a surprise).

For clients in Nottingham, portrait commissions are handled directly by me, Rob Hefferan. I offer professional portrait services, and I place quality before all else. Thanks to my years of experience and in-depth knowledge of perspective, color and shape, I can truly capture the essence of a moment in time, offering each client a unique work of art. My creative process starts before the brush hits the canvas, with getting to know each client. This helps me understand exactly what you’re looking for in a portrait, and it is this essential part of the process which helps me create a breathtaking piece of art that uniquely represents you.

I handle every one of my portrait commissions in Nottingham personally, and each one is unique. I always strive for quality, accessibility and variety. Each commission has its own characteristics and challenges, which is why I’m well versed in multiple methods and mediums such as chalk, oil and acrylics. I will always offer suggestions regarding which method and medium works best for your portrait, but at the end of the day, the choice will be yours. Contact me today and let’s start sketching out your ideas. Whether it is a personal or a family portrait, I guarantee that you will be happy with the entire process, from the initial interview, to the completed painting.