Mar, 2021

‘Stay Wild’ Illuminate

 ‘Stay Wild’, “Illuminate” is part of the mesmerizing new ‘Stay Wild’ Collection. Rob has really pushed the boundaries with these beautiful and captivating paintings, each is exquisitely illuminated by state of the art LED technology, making them a unique art experience, adding a focal point to any room with a subtle radiance of light. Each painting has been hand … Continue reading ‘Stay Wild’ Illuminate Read more


Mar, 2021


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Oct, 2020

‘WORDS’ Tainted Love

Words, can be a powerful device, capable of many things. They harness the unique ability of unlocking your innermost emotions, so when words are mixed with evocative, powerful images designed to embolden their meanings, the effect can be impressive, the statement thought provoking. I hope this collection allows you to unlock your mind in the … Continue reading ‘WORDS’ Tainted Love Read more


Oct, 2020

Tainted Love

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Sep, 2020

Neo Pop

Neo Pop is a brand new collection of originals inspired by a number of different genres all interlinked with my signature style of figurative realism. I have taken inspiration from Pop Art, Pulp Fiction, 1950s illustration and urban graffiti art, all genres that have always fascinated and intrigued me. Each painting contains many layers of … Continue reading Neo Pop Read more


Nov, 2018


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Feb, 2018


horse,painting,rob hefferan

  “Equestrian” Equestrian is a collection that celebrates the beauty, strength and grandeur of horses. I have always greatly admired and respected the noblest of animals and feel honoured to have the opportunity to try and capture the true essence and splendour of the horse. Rob Hefferan Read more


Feb, 2018

Personal Projects

In recent years I have had the opportunity to take on a few personal projects that pay homage to some of the artists I most admire.  J.M.W. Turner, Gustav  Klimt and David Hockney. Here I have included a few examples that pay tribute to the vision of the original artists, David Hockney, ‘Big Bright World,’ … Continue reading Personal Projects Read more


Jan, 2018

Stay Wild

cowgirls,painting,rob hefferan

“Stay Wild” As an artist I have never wanted to stay “stuck on repeat”, to keep things interesting to me as a creative artist and hopefully to you as a collector. ‘Stay Wild’ is mainly inspired by my love of ‘Pop Culture’ in all its Day-Glo brashness and chaos, the work of Andy Warhol, music, … Continue reading Stay Wild Read more


Jul, 2017


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