Equestrian Art in Cheltenham – Eye-Catching and Powerful

Equestrian Art in Cheltenham – Eye-Catching and Powerful

painted horse portrait

Equestrian Art in Cheltenham

Combine your love of horses and painting by purchasing amazing equestrian art in Cheltenham. Artwork by Rob Hefferan is ideal to  grace your walls, whether it’s in the office or at home. The artist is one of the country’s leading multi-talented painters. He uses a variety of media such as oils, acrylics and pastels to achieve the unique effects that he creates. He is also known for his sensitive, humanist and compassionate views of life, whether human or animal. He experiments with mood, technique and style to create timeless pieces. These works will certainly be enjoyed by viewers of all ages, and can be a wonderful legacy to leave to your children and grandchildren.

As everywhere in the world, in Cheltenham, equestrian art has enjoyed enormous popularity over the centuries. They have been used as subjects by painters in a variety of settings and genres. The grace, power and majesty of the horse in motion is something that true horse-fanatics can never stop talking about. The colour, use of light and shade, and the sheer dynamism in Rob Hefferan’s paintings is what sets them apart. Their movement and energy are effectively captured on canvas, keeping the dreamy quality of this magnificent creature always in focus. Rob Hefferan’s paintings are a great investment and are sure to increase in value.

Collectors around the world have enjoyed his works. Equestrian art in Cheltenham is a great showcase for local art enthusiasts to get a glimpse of these unique works. You can browse his work online at his website. If you’d like to purchase an original, this would be a rare opportunity to do so. Alternately, you can get signed prints beautifully produced on canvas. These prints are hand embellished by the artist himself, so that you get a totally unique and personalised work created just for you. Contact Rob Hefferan if you’d like your own equestrian art. If you would like a dedication on the back of the painting, let the artist know, and it can be done. Every print comes with a certificate of authenticity and a hand-made frame. Delivery throughout the UK is free.