Professional Portrait in Bristol


May, 2017

Professional Portrait in Bristol

Professional Portrait in BristolAre you considering a professional portrait in Bristol as a gift for a loved one? Many people assume that hiring a professional portrait artist is a waste of money because their Smartphones are equipped to take high quality photos. While it’s true that cell phone cameras are capable of taking superb photographs, there is really no replacement for a commissioned portrait. Paintings add aesthetic value to the room. They capture the true likeness of the subject in oil on canvas. These can be passed down to your children. Paintings are unique works of art that really have no replacement. Depending on the subject, they also make stunning pieces of art, and are also great for conversations at parties!

If you live in Bristol, professional portrait services can be sought from Rob Hefferan. As a leading figurative artist, Rob Hefferan’s portraits capture the warmth and character of his subjects. Working mostly with oils and acrylics, his portraits transcend the physical form and depict the breathing essence of the person. Getting a portrait made has many benefits. Firstly, you can request the artist to capture the best side of your profile. It is possible your appearance looks better at certain angles than others. In addition, if you have blemishes or pimples, they will not be included in the portrait. The portrait will simply be enhanced to show the best likeness of you. By hiring a professional portrait maker, you are also engaging someone with experience and talent. A professional brings his bag of tricks to the table. He will ensure that your portrait captures your best essence.

If you’re looking for a professional portrait in Bristol, hire someone with experience and talent. Contact Rob Hefferan directly if you are interested in a professional portrait. You can also visit his shop to view some of his works. On the day of the portrait, he will guide you on how to prepare for your portrait. By commissioning Rob Hefferan for your portrait, you are hiring one of the best in the profession!