Professional Portrait in Birmingham


Dec, 2017

Professional Portrait in Birmingham

Professional Portrait in BirminghamEvery once in a while you snap a perfect photo that deserves to become a professional portrait in Birmingham. While the photo is good, nothing captures the life behind the photo like Rob Hefferan, portrait artist. Portraits can be formal with the entire painting taken up by the face of the subject. Ron has a gift for capturing the hint of humour in the turn of a lip, confident demeanour of an up tilted chin or loving compassion shining from the eyes and more. He captures the essence of the subject with such insight and deftly expresses it perfectly with his brush. The result is a portrait of a life and personality revealed so accurately in a face you expect to be warm to the touch.

Portraits do not have to be formally posed or just one person. For families in Birmingham, professional portrait painter Rob Hefferan will create a keepsake family portrait that will make an interesting study of family members. As you look at each face in the portrait, you will see the personality you know but you may also recognise traits you know to be true that you have always overlooked. The face is intimately familiar but you see it through new eyes. Your own face may reveal traits you didn’t know were visible. The body positioning of a group portrait has a language of its own that expresses each subject’s place within the family like puzzle pieces that together make a whole. Rob captures that dynamic with uncanny sensitivity.

Rob Hefferan is among the most gifted contemporary artists creating the professional portrait in Birmingham. One of the finest gifts you can give yourself is the lifelong memory of the pure joy of life you see in your young children today. You likely have many digital candid photos of your children on Christmas morning, at the beach or celebrating an event. A candid portrait by Rob Hefferan will breathe life into that photo as he commits it to canvas. Portraits make wonderful gifts for yourself and others. Contact Rob Hefferan and schedule a consultation for a fine art portrait to grace the walls of your home or that of someone you love.