Portrait Painting in Bristol


Jun, 2017

Portrait Painting in Bristol

Portrait Painting in Bristol Are you one that has always considered having a portrait painting in Bristol something other people do but not you? Maybe you don’t see yourself sitting for hours in one position while somebody paints your picture. If you can sit for a few minutes while a photographer takes a photo you can have your portrait painted. Rob Hefferan is a portrait painter that works from photographs. Clients meet with him so he can make note of skin tones and bone structure but from there he can create a beautiful lifelike portrait from a good quality digital photograph. His portraits are highly acclaimed for his rare gift for capturing the character of his subject and the warmth and realism of life. Luxurious is a good word to describe Rob Hefferan portraits.

Rob Hefferan works magic with oil and acrylics. In Bristol, portrait painting takes on a new meaning when you view his own creations. You can feel the fabrics and disappear into the backdrops he creates. His work is sensual and some a bit erotic. However, for commissioned portraits his gifts are on full display for improvised family portraits, intimate wedding portraits or the grandchildren in a field of daisies. Rob Hefferan portraits are not dull head shots that look dead. They capture the subject in the act of living life with all the emotions involved.

Portrait painting in Bristol is a dream fulfilled for Rob Hefferan. He was born in Warrington, Cheshire and can’t remember a time when he did not want to draw and paint. He is well known as a figurative realism painter and his work is highly collectable. Give the gift of a beautiful life moment captured forever on canvas by commissioning a portrait of one you love. Consider a gift portrait of your daughter at 16. Wedding portraits stand out amongst gifts. Your own parents on their 50th. Anniversary is a gift for your whole family to enjoy. You can contact artist Rob Hefferan and schedule an appointment to discuss your expectations and his creative process. You will love the finished product and if you purchase the portrait as a gift you will honour the giftee.