Portrait Painter in Leeds


Jul, 2017

Portrait Painter in Leeds

Portrait Painter in LeedsWhen commissioning a portrait painter in Leeds, the artist should have an artistic flair that captures your personality as well as your appearance in a painting. If you want a portrait that truly reflects your nature, Rob Hefferan is the portrait artist to speak to. His works are beautifully, meticulously painted to include every small detail, from an out-of-place eyelash to the hint of smile, all the while imbuing the painting with the personality and beauty of the subject. At first glance, you may believe his paintings are simply photographs, but upon closer perusal you will be amazed at the fine painterly skill of his work. It is this realistic aspect of his paintings, coupled with an experienced, masterful hand, that make his portraits come to life.

If you want a truly unique and exquisite portrait in Leeds, portrait painter Rob Hefferan is available for commissions. His service also offers an element of modern convenience to the traditional practice of portraiture; simply provide him with a photograph of the subject and he will work from that image. Choose to have your portrait painted in acrylic or oil, both mediums offering deep, bold colours and a feeling of class and elegance. If you already have your favourite spot on your wall set aside for your portrait, you can give Rob the dimensions so that the painting will fit perfectly. His portrait commissions begin at £995, a very competitive price which also includes the professional framing and delivery of the painting.

To find a portrait painter in Leads that creates strikingly realistic portraits, contact Rob Hefferan. From humble beginnings sketching dinosaurs in his boyhood, Rob has risen to become a leading influence in national and international art circles. His collections can be found in prestigious galleries and households around the world. Every Rob Hefferan portrait is a unique, beautiful tribute to the subject, whether it is of a single sitter or a large family. A Hefferan portrait in your home will look stunning and commemorate a special person, event or memory in a stylish elegance that a painting could never match.