Portrait Artist in Preston


Mar, 2017

Portrait Artist in Preston

Portrait Artist in PrestonYou look at a loved one’s expression and wish a portrait artist in Preston could capture the moment forever. That moment is so reflective of the inner being he or she is that it takes your breath away. I am Rob Hefferan and as a contemporary figurative portrait artist, I understand what you see. My portraits are not those of frozen and framed ancestors you may have seen hanging on your family’s walls. My passion is to capture the essence of the person in such a way that he or she will be recognisable, not just by facial features but by the reflected personality. When my work reveals an additional characteristic, previously unrecognised, then you may know the subject person better through my art. I am fortunate to have great success in that endeavour.

As a contemporary artist working primarily in oils and acrylics, my idea of a portrait is not exclusively a head shot. My approach in Preston, as a portrait artist, is experimenting with new techniques. Traditional portraits are posed but sometimes the real person is revealed when a portrait is of an unguarded moment. Hopefully when you see my portrait portfolio, even though you do not know the subject, you will see something of who they are in life. Portraits last, sometimes for centuries, so when you commission a portrait of your child or spouse it will provide a window into that individual for the generations that follow. Photographs can’t do that.

Give your family a gift that will last almost forever by contacting Rob Hefferan, portrait artist in Preston. A portrait of the bride and/or the groom depicted in those moments before the wedding will bring joy to the couple their whole lives and delight their children and grandchildren. Call me so we can meet and discuss your ideas for a portrait. Perhaps you would like to start a collection of portraits that will capture the highlights of your child as he or she goes through the years. They need not be large portraits but collectively, an infant portrait, a first day of school, high school or college graduation and the wedding make a touching display.