Looking for a Professional Portrait in Bristol


Aug, 2017

Looking for a Professional Portrait in Bristol

Looking for a Professional Portrait in BristolWhen you’re looking for a professional portrait in Bristol, there are a few things to consider. As far back as 2000 BC, artists made statues using human beings as models. Later, painted portraits were seen as a sign of power and prestige, because they meant you had two things. One, the financial clout to hire an artist. Two, the luxury of spending a whole work-day posing. Pencil sketches become a curious form of street art, and eventually, cameras came into play. Initially cameras were bulky and expensive, so having a photographic portrait made you part of the elite. Taking a studio portrait was even better.

But now that everyone has a smartphone in Bristol, looking for a professional portrait might be a bigger sign of affluence. After all, anyone with a mobile can take a high resolution selfie, so having someone paint your picture is a great way to stand out. Fortunately, Rob Hefferan enjoys using colour and physical brushes to make beautiful memories. When he paints your portrait, he doesn’t just capture your physical features and wardrobe choices. He uses a lifetime of artistic experience to bring out your character, personality, and essence, memorialising it on high quality canvas.

Rob Hefferan is a good choice when you’re looking for a professional portrait in Bristol. He works with acrylics and oil, so you can choose which medium you prefer. If you’re uncertain, he’d be glad to advise you on which one works best. He does individual and group portraits, and they can be as simple or dynamic as you’d like them to be. As an avid runner, Rob’s love of the outdoors imbues all his work with a sense of life and vibrance. He studied at Padgate Art School, and held his first art exhibition in 2003. Although his work is sold all over the world, he enjoys personal projects that are close to his heart. Get in touch with him today. He can work with you to create a meaningful portrait that will bring out the inner you.